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Are you looking for best cloud storage option without intensifying your costs? Tvarana’s new Docuvault app offers you reliable cloud storage at less cost when compared to other cloud storage providers.

Why Docuvault?

Docuvault is a seamless integration between Salesforce and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). It facilitates you to access the benefits of Amazon file storage using pseudo-Salesforce file storage. The features in this app are compatible, and the schema is user friendly and pretty understandable. And one can easily use this app without any mess.

Coming to properties of Docuvault, it supports features– such as upload, download, delete and preview options– associated to file actions that helps in managing the files with ease.  To upload files, you can either select or drag the files to quick upload section.

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With a unique feature in this app, you can upload a Cloud File as Salesforce file by a single click – it’s that easy!


To safeguard files that are being shared, the app offers secure file sharing. With the file sharing options– such as Public links, Password Protected links, and Expiration links — you can set permissions and share the files to individuals or groups you wanted to.

Sharing large URLs seems to be unpleasing and tedious task. So, here is the Short URL & Analytics option that generates short URLs which are convenient to share.  On the other hand, Google Analytics enables you to estimate the statistics over time.


Salesforce1 provides feasibility to use this app and even access the files from anywhere on any device.


Apart from these general features, Docuvault offers extensive features such as Customer and Partner Communities/Portals, Archive and digitize your transaction documents, Salesforce Attachments backup and Archiving to provide a better cloud experience to the user.




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