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Save time and money with easy file storage.

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File Storage built for Salesforce

Salesforce users can now upload, access and share large files from within Salesforce and Salesforce1. DocuVault is a seamless integration between Salesforce and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to securely store and retrieve files from within Salesforce.

File Storage built for Salesforce

Faster. Cheaper. Better.

Standard Salesforce file upload is complicated and restrictive. DocuVault allows you to store files of any size easily. You benefit from the simplicity of Amazon file storage (S3) integrated with Salesforce. Docuvault users can upload as many, and as big documents as they need right from their Salesforce interface without paying bulky storage bills to the CRM provider.


  • Add files to standard and custom Salesforce records

  • Drag ‘n’ drop multiple files directly into Salesforce

  • Salesforce Roles and Permissions for File Access

  • Generate links with Short URLs to share files externally to customers

  • Generate password protected links

  • Share files via Email and collaborate with team members using chatter

  • Short URL Analytics

  • Unlimited File Versions

  • File Preview

  • Salesforce1 ready

  • Upload attachments to Web2Lead and Web2Case forms

  • Link pictures and videos taken on mobile devices to records from within Salesforce1


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Low Cost
  • Highly Customizable
  • No File Size Limits
  • Scalable
  • No Hardware (File Server, FTP)






$4.99 user/month

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Multiple files Upload
File Download
Drag and drop Upload
File Preview*
Amazon S3 server-side encryption (AES-256)
File Requests*
Download Count Tracking
Salesforce 1 Mobile
Multiple files download
File Versioning
Upload as Salesforce Chatter File
Public Links
Email Files as Links (Public Links with/without Expiration)
Password Protected Links**
Chatter Posts
Quick add Files
Short URL – Google Short URL
Short URL Analytics
Reduced Redundancy Storage
Web to Case and Web 2 Lead Attachemnts
Utility Tool (Standard Attachments – Archiving and Migration)
Note :  
* Requires an Amazon S3 Account
* Chatter should be enabled
* Requires Salesforce Sites


Use Cases

  • Document Management & Collaboration

  • Archive and Digitize your transactional documents

  • Customer and Partner Communities/Portals

  • Share large files securely

  • Web to Case and Web to Lead attachments

  • Salesforce Attachments backup and Archiving

  • Distributing Software or other large Files

  • Upload large Media Files (Audio & Video)

  • Upload Pictures and Videos from Mobile (Field Service Agents, Customers etc)

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