Inventory Count App

Inventory Count App for NetSuite

Performing inventory counts in NetSuite is often a tedious, time-consuming process. This SuiteApp is designed to save you time and effort by providing a ready-built framework to perform real-time warehouse counts and batch-post inventory adjustments in NetSuite. With features such as support for bins & serial items, the app is engineered to help you keep track of your inventory count with regularity.

Inventory count App

This SuiteApp provides you with a data sheet of inventory information that can be exported and filled in with real-time warehouse data. The data sheet can then be imported into NetSuite, reviewed and processed as a batch. Inventory adjustments are created for all items that were approved on review.


  • Inventory data sheet for export
  • One-step import process for physical count
  • Review and exclude unapproved items from count
  • Auto-calculate variance
  • Batch create inventory adjustments
  • Supports lot numbered and serial items
  • Perform bin-specific counts
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