Netsuite Data Loader

Netsuite Data Loader

Do you have to update data periodically? Are you doing it manually? Manual work for periodic data updates could be prone to mishaps and disasters. Data transfers from one application to another can be handled with a click, using Netsuite Data Loader.

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Ensuring that all one’s important data is backed up completely can become a frequent nightmare. Data transfers require meticulous mapping which is typically done manually onto your ERP. This exercise may repeat periodically while importing and exporting multiple .csv files, just to have the right data at the right place. When the need is simple, we also need the solution to be as simple as Netsuite Data Loader.

Data Loader loads all your important data to the right destination effortlessly. It simply draws the data from the file server where all your data is located and send to a system like Netsuite where such data is used. To make Netsuite a better data factory, for the inputs to be processed and made available to the user, it functions as a data loader that runs scripts and operations to make the data useable. Data Loader simply deletes all the hassles involved in transferring your valuable data from the file server to your ERP suite.


  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Low Cost
  • No manual intervention required
  • Process and mapping automation
  • No Hardware (File Server, FTP)
  • No File Size Limits

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