Streamline Payroll Processing on NetSuite

Webinar • Wednesday, January 31st • 3:00pm IST


Sravanthi Thalapalli

Product Development Manager, Tvarana

PeopleHub brings you robust, configurable payroll for NetSuite.

Does your business rely on NetSuite for core operations while managing payroll for the India subsidiary through a separate third-party system? Using disparate systems to run your business can lead to a range of challenges; including fragmented data, compliance risks, inefficient workflows, missed strategic insights, and scalability issues. To address these issues and optimize payroll management, you need a solution built on the NetSuite platform, namely PeopleHub, to bridge the gap.

PeopleHub by Tvarana has a payroll module that is specific to India business. Easy-to-use, accurate and robust, PeopleHub can be configured to meet your organization's requirements and automate employee payments with precision and flexibility.

Join our webinar to learn about PeopleHub payroll management system for NetSuite.

  • Why PeopleHub for NetSuite?
  • What does native NetSuite offer?
  • A look into:
  • Payroll configuration
  • Create salary groups
  • Leave configuration
  • Salary Components
  • Allowances & Deductions
  • Send & print paychecks
  • Tax rules
  • Journal mapping
  • Custom reporting

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