Tvarana is a/an ERP and CRM solution provider and so is our team. We as a team are a collective representation of our attitude, acumen and approach.
 Cloud as an ecosystem has myriad tools and technologies to initiate processes and deliver products. However, the journey from ideation to invention is driven and led by people at Tvarana. Tvarana, as a catalyst adopts an all-rounded philosophy which encourages learning, leadership and problem solving.

Management mantra, “We love learning, inventing and achieving”

Tvarana believes that any form of edifice is built by people. Over the years we have built a team of engineers, consultants and administrators who take the lead to facilitate and execute client processes.

Our Attitude: Evolution as a process remains endless as long as we believe that perfection is a process and not an end. This attitude has helped us become agile, scalable and flexible.

Our Acumen: Our attitude is amplified through our journey. Our team has grown from technical implementation service providers to cloud application developers. This portrays a balanced combination of technical and business acumen.

Our Approach: Perpetual growth in our client base is a representation of our flexible, simple and adaptable approach used while implementing processes and delivering end- results.

Meet our Cloudforce

Kishore Bojja

Director, Co-founder

Kishore Bojja says, “Tvarana is a value player.” He keeps this statement simple and open because he sees Tvarana growing in the expanse of cloud technology without limitations. At Tvarana, he manages Netsuite implementation, builds consulting partnerships, handles strategic alliances and monitors financial systems.

Tvarana’s growth has been accelerated by his keen interest to build partnerships and his networking ability. For him, increasing a client’s ROI by leveraging Netsuite 


is of top priority when it comes to customer satisfaction.Prior to Tvarana, Kishore spent his work years at Infosys.
During his work he explored and learnt a wide array of technologies that enhance business processes. He worked with Warner Bros, a movie production house, Canwest, a Canadian international media company, Sita, a leading player in air transport industry and more.

His penchant for technology dates back to his education at Osmania University, where he pursued Bachelor in Engineering with a specialization in Computer Science.


Sriram Thota

Director, Co-founder

Sriram Thota foresees Tvarana as a “global leader in providing business process solutions through technology to companies”. Sriram’s vision for Tvarana brings strength, hope and cummulative tenacity to its workforce.

At Tvarana, Sriram manages implementation of Salesforce on-demand products, handles operations and oversees international marketing. Sriram deeply involves himself in realising a firm’s potential by leveraging people

and technology. Over the years, he led several projects of a spanned scale from individual modules to entire suite of ERP implementations. Sriram focuses on enhancing efficiency in client engagements by applying his knowledge of industrial engineering where he simplifies complex processes.
 Prior to Tvarana, Sriram worked as a BI consultant at SAP. He comes with a rich cross cultural working experience and exposure to cutting edge technologies in ERP space.

Sriram adds value to Tvarana’s team with his two- edged specialization. He pursued Bachelors of Engineering in Industrial Production from Osmania University and a Post Graduation in Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Illinois.

Athira Vadavattath

Technical Director

Athira Vadavattath expresses that, “ We make sure we stay current with the latest developments” which just speaks her vision for Tvarana. Tvarana always updates and is never seen to dim out. Athira joined Tvarana with optimism and is excited to be a part of Tvarana.

Athira’s dormant desire to work with a cloud based company brought her to join Tvarana’s team. She manages aspects related to technology and its architecture.

Prior to Tvarana, she worked in various exciting and responsible positions at Oracle and Infosys. Some of her work is the past included building Java/ J2EE applications and payments module in Fusion. Apart from toying with technologies she loves reading books and dogs.

She passionately studied B.Tech in Computer Science from Mahatma Gandhi University, India.

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