Property Manager

Property Manager

Being a realtor, managing customers and real estate properties require equal attention. Each property is different for each customer. Hence, the way you handle the equation between properties and customers requires complex customization. Is your Salesforce platform ready to do that? With Tvarana’s Property Manager you will be ready to handle those complexities.


Integration of Property Manager in Salesforce can be a simple solution for your real estate system complexities. Your system could be dedicated to manage customer relationships but to stay ahead, the application needs more. Manual processes, exported spreadsheets, disconnected systems, bleak visibility into customers, projects, properties and financials and lack of business intelligence bolsters your managerial efforts while handling a complex real estate system.

Tvarana’s Property Manager, is an enhanced application that provides a 360 degree view of customers, real time visibility in property inventory, efficient tracking system of customer receivable using workflows and reminders. It also allows you to use payment schedules to track invoices and payments, improve receivables, map customer-property and payment details, report using dashboards and be mobile. As a user you can manage customers both pre sales and post sales, property inventory, financials and agent commissions. This tool is built for being responsive over different communication devices. Property Manager is built to help you make smarter decisions by easily accessing data across your business, grouping, categorizing and tracking processes to improve performance.


  • 360 degree view of Customers
  • Real time visibility of property inventory
  • Efficient tracking system of receivables
  • Use payment schedule to track invoices & payments
  • Complex data drilling abilities
  • Mobile and agile


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