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Sales Wave Analytics

Analytics plays a major role in any business. It helps sales managers to analyze business performance and make decisions to further enhance it.

Wave analytics is a new app designed in Salesforce that allows the sales managers to visualize data easily and quickly. Further, the app allows sales representatives to share analytics reports creating a scope for them to assess the business performance and make smart decisions.

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This post will help you gain insights on Sales Wave Analytics app and its benefits.      

To enable Salesforce wave analytics app, you need to purchase a Sales Wave license. Read more to create and configure Sales Wave App.

Permissions can be assigned to the users to access the app. Read more to setup permissions for the app.

 The app is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all devices – like desktops, tablets, mobiles, etc. – for visualizing Sales Cloud data.

The prebuilt datasets, dashboards, and lenses of the app can be used to explore the data. Using the Wave analytics app, the required specific information can be accessed easily . Moreover, using the app you can create tasks, share insights, change close date, etc.

Replication Service is a new feature in the app that helps in quickly extracting Salesforce data into Wave Analytics. Enabling this feature helps to run dataflow faster and view results instantly. 

The dashboards in the app provide results quickly for the given requirements. Moreover, they help in identifying new trends and opportunities.

Wave Analytics can also be used for communities. By giving access to the app, the community partners and other external users can view the Wave dashboards. The external users, from their community, can get the data and view them on dashboards. Since the external users are given read-only access, they cannot edit or access the other sections of the app.  Hence, the data is inaccessible and secure.

The sharing option in the app allows you to download screenshots of the dashboards and quickly share them with others having no access to the app.

The app can be used efficiently by understanding the terminology used in it. Read more to know the terminology used in the app.







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