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Salesforce OmniChannel

With the increasing retail marketing, customers have numerous choices to pick from for anything. So, it is very crucial for markets to satisfy and retain their customers, which can be achieved by providing better customer service.

Salesforce OmniChannel stands as the best solution to leverage your customer service further enhancing your brand name.

What is ‘Salesforce OmniChannel’?

OmniChannel is a seamless integrated Salesforce tool designed to effectively manage the work of customer service agents by managing service channels like cases, phone calls, chats, etc. in an organization.

The platform is easy to customize and configure, which allows support managers to adjust configurations without any external IT support. It offers high flexibility in quickly managing work items (Cases) among your service agents. The platform’s intelligent approach enables you to automatically assign work to  agents who have dealt with that particular customer in the past, or agents capable of handling that particular case. It automatically pushes the work to appropriate available agents based on the priority or request of the case, relieving your managers of the burden of manually dispatching work to service agents.

Using Salesforce OmniChannel, agents can coordinate among themselves to receive customer issues, allowing them to easily manage their work. Further, you can create different groups to handle various work such sales inquiries, support questions by customers, etc. All of this helps speed up the case resolution process, helping to keep your customers happy.



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