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Salesforce Pardot Custom Integration

Salesforce Pardot

One of our customer requirements was to create a Lead in Salesforce from a Pardot Prospect whenever certain conditions are matched. The Standard out of the box integration automatically syncs Prospect Data in Pardot with a Lead or a Contact in Salesforce based on the Email field. For example, if a contact exists in Salesforce and there is an update to the Pardot Prospect record then the Contact gets automatically updated.

This is a limitation for our requirement as we cannot create a new Lead in Salesforce if there is already a Contact with same Email existing in Salesforce. The solution for this requirement is to develop a custom integration between Pardot and Salesforce.

1) The Pardot to Salesforce.com custom Integration Program allows to create a new lead in Salesforce.com from a Pardot Prospect record when there is already a synchronized Contact or Lead between the two systems.
2) Apex Batch job is scheduled to run at regular intervals from within the Salesforce.com platform.
3) The program connects to Pardot via web services and queries all Prospect data from Pardot with a matching criteria.
4) The program inserts Lead records in Salesforce.com with the values in the fields from the corresponding records queried from Pardot.
5) Upon successful insertion of lead records in Salesforce.com, the program will connect to Pardot and Update some fields in the prospect record of Pardot.


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