SkyDoc DMS For NetSuite: Features and Functionalities

Live Webinar • Wednesday, June 7th • 2:00pm EDT


Unlock your NetSuite storage with SkyDoc.

Tvarana knows NetSuite. Founded in 2007, Tvarana is a NetSuite Partner with deep expertise in cloud-based enterprise applications, and a focus on Managed Services. Tvarana aims to provide our valued clients high quality services that fuel growth at an unbeatable price.

SkyDoc, a document management solution built on the NetSuite platform, harnesses the capabilities of AWS S3 to offer you scalable, affordable, secure file storage with no limits. With Amazon’s expanded storage capabilities, there’s no running out of space, and you only pay for what you use. 

The intuitive interface seamlessly integrates into NetSuite making all files related to a record available in a single tab. This user-focused design allows for quick uploads, eliminating the need for multiple clicks by simply dragging files and dropping them into the upload space.With SkyDoc’s user-friendly portal, you can collaborate with users outside of the NetSuite ecosystem, to approve or reject files and share documents securely.

In this webinar you will learn about and see in action:

  • SkyDoc folders & permissions
  • File versioning
  • Move/copy files
  • View files in split screen
  • Attach files
  • View files attached to related records
  • Gallery view
  • File checkout
  • Add notes & comments
  • Scan QR code to upload attachments
  • Access for users outside of NetSuite
  • Send documents for approval
  • Filters

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