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NCE Lifesciences Solves Problem of Extracting Meaningful Project Data from the Business

NCE case study

“Keeping records is not so much a problem as being able to use them constructively to progress the business. Accessing meaningful information is easy in“

–Bina Ramani, CEO


  • Dealing with multiple clients and principals within every project.
  • Recording customer interactions and issuing quotations taking too long.
  • Management of data and marketing activities lacked structure.
  • Data had long outgrown Microsoft Excel and Calendar.


  • Salesforce CRM introduced to manage customer data effectively in the Cloud.
  • IT consultancy Tvarana:
    • Customised Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud solution to fit business’ unique needs.
    • Integrated Microsoft Outlook to bring daily communications within
    • Configured triggers and alerts to streamline tracking of long term projects.


  • Low cost access to world-class CRM with Cloud ‘pay as you go’ model.
  • Ability to measure sales performance and set targets.
  • Consolidation of efforts; mass mailing in saves 1 week per month.
  • Improved ability to extract data in weekly status reports.

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