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Solus runs on Salesforce CRM

Solus case study

Challenges that the customer faced (Business & Technical)


  • Lack of Visibility into Revenue Forecast
  • Customer Problems/Issues not getting resolved on time and lack of Ownership within Solus
  • Delivery Tracking of Products at Customer Location not being tracked
  • Solus sells Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) with different Service Level Agreement (SLA). Based on the type of SLA the service has to be provided or an issue has to be resolved. Tracking the service contracts and checking the SLA when a customer emails or calls was difficult. The support engineer had no visibility to whether a customer had a valid service contract and the type of SLA.
  • Tracking product

Salesforce Solution that resolved the challenges

Salesforce Consulting Partner Tvarana implemented the following Salesforce Modules

  • Service Cloud-Implemented Case management to track customer Complaints
  • Service Cloud-Implemented Service Contracts and Entitlement Management to track Customer SLAs and Contracts
  • Streamlined Opportunity Management to track Revenues and Forecasts
  • Developed Custom Delivery Order module to track product deliveries and Shipments

About the Company:
SolusSecuity Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian-owned company specialized in the areas of Access Control, Time & Attendance, and other critical functions of Security & Administration and Facility Management sector. SolusManufactures a range of controllers, Data Capture Terminals, and Access Control & Administration management software. Solus is responsive to market needs and its products incorporate innovative features, which make it the most preferred supplier among various Consultants, System integrators and End users. Extensive deployment experience has meant that the products are robust and ideally suited to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

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