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Data Migration from your legacy CRM to Salesforce.com

If you are looking for a cost-effective and seamless methodology to transfer your data from your legacy CRM system to Salesforce.com, I would like to share a fool-proof process that we use at Tvarana, which has helped our clients save ~70% of time and ~40% of cost by using Salesforce.com.

Process of Data migration from your legacy CRM to Salesforce.com

Data Audit and mapping – Data is categorized for the existing requirements and restructured for the objectives of your salesforce. Eliminated possibilities of duplication and organized it into a data map to align, data objectives, technical objectives and those of the salesforce. This stage is dedicated to map user needs, profiles, page layouts, records and others specific to the case, with OWDs ensuring security across the organization during assessment.

Data Reconciliation – Apart from aligning data as per forthcoming needs to fulfill migration objectives, apps installed are run through need analysis. We conduct an organization-wide data reconciliation to prepare the platform for use the sales personnel driving the revenues of this business.

Data back-up and permissions – To ensure seamless transfer of data, we run a back-up process with the reconciliated status. Further permissions are set to each profiles and other hierarchical levels.

Logic implementation – To add usability across the aligned data, we list down and implement logic. Logic implementation is further support by quality assurance before launching the ‘go-live’ version.

Feel free to reach out to us for a detailed case study that comprises further technical information and results.

If you are still undecided whether you have start using Salesforce.com as your CRM across the organization, as a global system, we would like to share some interesting facts that would help you decide.

Why is Salesforce.com the most preferred CRM?

Top 3 reasons why Salesforce.com is the most preferred CRM across the globe (Source: Gartner) are simplified here below.

Seamless Integrations – This is one of the reasons we have partnered with Salesforce.com, because it helps our customers solve large problems with quick and simple integrations with several other platforms. The aquisitions of Salesforce.com are carefully picked to resolve real-time challenges of its users. Some of the integrations that we specialize in are with Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Chatter, Radian 6, Exact Target and many more.

Made for All – Our customers whom we partner with as implementation consultants emerge in different sizes, from several industry sectors and all stages of a business lifecycle. This helps us conclude that Salesforce.com is designed for scaling up and down, ensuring flexibility for its users.

Awesome Ecosystem – We are a part of this amazing ecosystem and have been able to offer many solutions for those leveraging the Salesforce.com environment. Some such solutions that we have developed for Salesforce.com users are DocuVault, Property Manager and more. The ecosystem solves problems related to marketing automation, sales resource management, reporting, social listening, etc. This helps Salesforce.com users rely on capabilities beyond the platform itself.

If you have a data migration query, drop a note to us at info@tvarana.com to discuss your problem statement.



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