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First Quarter Fun – IPL Cricket Match

The Tvarana India team had a blast last week watching the IPL Cricket match live with their friends. Here is Girija reflecting on her experience.

“It’s always fun to watch cricket with friends and, it was IPL which makes it even more special. We were excited to watch & support our favorite cricketers playing LIVE. It was tough to decide which team to cheer for as the 2 teams had our favorite cricketers.”

The situation was so tense and excited, we all had mixed feelings. There was even betting among our teammates for who would win. One team was SRH (Sun Risers Hyderabad) – our home team and other team, RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore), had Virat Kohli (captain of Indian Cricket team and dream boat for thousands of girls).

We inked our faces with the logos of IPL cricket team we were supporting, and we had their flags to wave them and show our support towards IPL team. The stadium had a huge crowd, as the match is being played in the home ground. There were many supporters for Warner, and like usual Warner & Bairstow performed awesome. The entire crowd was applauding SRH’s victory. It was a hard moment for Kohli’s fans as we were just waiting for a moment for Kohli to come on form. The match was quite predictable. Still we enjoyed everything about the IPL match.”



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