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Increased storage capacity using Salesforce Connect

Education sector organizations deal with a lot of imperative data that needs to be recorded in alignment with the customer data into Salesforce. While this is possible, it is linked to the obvious effect of increased storage costs.

A company that is involved in managing multiple university records on Salesforce approached us with a similar problem. Each university carried critical course related and affiliated institutional information which proved to be large data and went beyond their anticipated budgets.

Technology deployed to increase storage capacity

Heroku Odata – We employed Heroku Odata integrated with Salesforce objects. This not only helped us create a platform that enables synchronization of large data but also reduced the storage costs on Salesforce.

Salesforce Connect – We used Salesforce connect to integrate our data warehouse with the records being displayed. We stored data in postgres database and we displayed records in SFDC using External objects.

Salesforce Developer Community – Our team also discovered APIs to update the database during transition seamlessly, using the Salesforce Developer Community (SFDC)


How did we increase storage capacity?

To increase storage capacity we implemented an ODATA driver with tables in Postgres SQL. Using salesforce connect (External Data sources) we synced all tables as Salesforce objects.

The client had a ready interface within its Salesforce account to sync data seamlessly as well as found a cost-effective storage solution as a Salesforce user.



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