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Journey Builder

For any business it is very important to provide excellent experience to its customers. Good customer experience creates loyal customers which in turn increases the scope of marketing.  

Journey Builder is a new tool in Salesforce that helps in guiding your customer’s journey with your brand and provide them a smart and better customer experience. The platform incorporates business activities such as marketing, sales, services, etc. which allows you to identify the extent of customer’s association with your brand and make marketing strategies accordingly.

This post will help you learn about the next generation Journey Builder and its benefits.

The  licence needs to be purchased in order to use the Journey Builder platform.

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The platform’s user interface is pretty understandable and easy to use. Using the platform the marketers can evaluate every stage of customer‘s journey with your brand with a single click.

Journey Builder helps the marketers to directly interact with the customers and analyze the customer experience of using your products. Engaging with customers via email, social media, etc. enhances the customer experience.

Further, the marketers can measure performance, optimize the results and assess customers’ satisfaction towards your brand.  

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Native Journeys is a new feature in Journey Builder that helps marketers in creating customer journey through activities such as marketing, sales, services, etc. The drag-and-drop feature in the platform helps in organizing customer activities and make decisions without much effort.

By setting up the Journey Triggers you can initiate messages to the customers at right times through appropriate channels which encourages them to choose your brand.

Journey Map in the platform represents the customer’s journey path pertaining to the product or services whereas Journey Metrics helps the marketers to visualize and track the customer response towards the products. The marketers, by analysing, can send personalized information to individual customers which help them to seamlessly engage with the customers thereby providing better customer experience.

Here are a few benefits of Journey Builder.

  • The platform helps you in enhancing the campaigning approaches thereby effectively engaging with customers.
  • Using the platform you can easily measure the performance of customer’s journey with your brand and make suitable decisions.
  • In addition, you can evaluate progress from time-to-time and implement better marketing strategies.
  • The platform allows you to send personalized messages to customers basing on their interest towards your products.




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