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Lightning Experience

Are you aware of Lightning Experience – a new release in Salesforce?

Lightning Experience is the new redesigned interface in Salesforce that offers numerous benefits and helps sales representatives to work smarter and faster.

This post will help you gain insights on Lightning Experience and its benefits.

Lightning Experience is supported by Microsoft IE 11 and the latest versions of Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple and Safari.

To enable Lightning Experience, click Lightning Experience in Setup menu. In Lightning Experience setup page slide the button to enable this feature.

To switch over to Lightning Experience, click the name in the upper right corner and then select ‘Switch to Lightning Experience’.

Lightening experience_homepage

The image represents the homepage in Lightning Experience interface.


Although this is a new feature, the initial release does not have complete functional elements of Salesforce Classic.

To switch back to Salesforce Classic, in the Lightning Experience header click the profile picture and select ‘Switch to Salesforce Classic’.

It is easy to switch between Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. But frequent switching may lead to unexpected results due to resolving of links between the interfaces.

Before enabling Lightning experience you can set up several supporting features such as Sales Path, Duplicate Management, Lead Conversion, Account Insights, etc. so that the new interface is fully optimized and helps your sales representatives to work faster and smarter.

The interface’s design gives a new look and feel to the users. The redesigned reports and dashboards in Lightning experience allow you to create them easily. Also, the redesigned search helps the users to find the records quickly. Using Top Results it is easy to find a record since it lists top record results for the frequently used objects.

In Lightning Experience, Object Manager helps you to improve your setup experience. Using Object Manager one can access all objects and their related functions such as fields, page layouts, validation rules, etc. from a single page.

In contrast to Salesforce Classic having tabs to access the objects, Lightning experience has a navigation menu that includes all the objects and other tools such as Groups, People, Dashboards, Reports, Calendar, Feed, etc. By clicking respective icon you can navigate to that item.

In addition, Lightning Experience has access to the App Launcher. Using app launcher the users can navigate to Salesforce apps, custom apps and connected apps.

Comparison between Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic

As pointed out earlier, although lightning experience is an enhanced interface it does not support all the features of Salesforce Classic.

Read more
about comparison between these two interfaces.

Benefits of Lightning Experience

Here are a few benefits of Lightning Experience.

  • The new interface provides better user experience.
  • The homepage can be customized as per user’s requirement.
  • Can view all objects on a single page without navigating to different pages.
  • Can drag-and-drop deals from stage to stage.
  • Can customize dashboards.
  • Can have a track of past and future activities.

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