With Skydoc You Can

Manage your Storage

With Skydoc you can drag and drop files, sort documents by categories, preview files, add and delete files, and have control of your versioning.


With SkyDoc you can create a folder structure and restrict access based on IP, role, or users. SkyDoc also provides a portal for authorized people outside of your NetSuite environment to view, upload, and collaborate on documents.

Approval Workflows

Trigger a pre-determined approval workflow when you upload a document to SkyDoc. Use dashboard or email reminders to view your pending documents.

SkyDoc Upgrade List

2022.1 Features
  • Send SkyDoc files for signing using the DocuSign Integration
  • Scan documents with your phone to upload them directly into SkyDoc
  • Get random password suggestions for the SkyDoc Portal
2022.2 Features
  • Make file categories mandatory by enabling the new configuration
  • Use the SkyDoc API to upload files from external sources

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