Smart Charts

Smart Charts


Data is available everywhere. Your business needs insights drawn from the data, which could be used to grow. These insights come from the right interpretation displayed on the right chart. SmartCharts, a free tool created by Tvarana helps you interpret valuable insights from the data available on Netsuite.

Though Netsuite as an ERP is built with the necessary business intelligence (BI), users experience some limitations is optimizing data for higher needs. Beyond BI, Netsuite allows users to draw interpretations using saved searches which are available in a tabulated form. SmartChart enhances this utility feature by presenting data in the form of charts.

SmartCharts as a tool is created to optimize the utility of data existing in your ERP. It helps you interpret faster as it maps data automatically across x-axis and y-axis. This helps you take business decisions quicker using the same ERP that hosts all crucial data about your business. Make smarter decisions using SmartCharts, a free cloud application created by Tvarana.


  • Automated data mapping
  • Chart generation
  • Integrated into Netsuite
  • Data representation
  • No Hardware (File Server, FTP)

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