Migrating to SuiteCommerce Advanced

Would you like to provide a web store with high performance and rich look that offers best shopping experience to your users? SuiteCommerce Advanced would probably be the best solution to achieve such challenges, and is advantageous to users.

SuiteCommerce Advanced

SuiteCommerce Advanced offers fast web stores — optimized for any device — that offers great shopping experiences to users. It not only offers leading ecommerce capabilities such as search, guided navigation, etc. but also allows for superior visual designs to the web storefronts.

Since this platform delivers high productivity, most of the online businesses are rapidly switching from Site Builder to SuiteCommerce Advanced.

This figure quickly illustrates how SuiteCommerce Advanced differs from Site Builder.

Architecture, Frameworks, Bundles…

SCA works based on ‘One Page Application’ and ‘Services returning JSON Object’ architectures. It employs frameworks such as Backbone.js, Underscore.js, and Bootstrap v2. It uses Commerce and Item APIs, and bundles such as Shopflow, Checkout, My Account, and Content Delivery and Merchandising bundles.


The following are the major features of SuiteCommerce Advanced. The descriptions provide insights about functionality of the features.

Theme – Responsive Design:
Enables you to analyze the appearance of website on different devices to provide best shopping experience to the users.

Items – Search Criteria:
Provides high flexibility to configure the search criteria as per your requirement to make its effective use for item search.

Items – Navigation (Search, Filtering and Sorting):
Allows flexible navigation for item search using Netsuite elements such as Facet and Fieldset.

Content Delivery Pages:
Enables to create content for the web pages such as Articles, etc. and provides high flexibility to manage the content.

Product Merchandising:
Provides flexibility to merchants in product merchandising to deliver best shopping experience to the users.

Faceted Search and Navigation:
Enables the users to easily identify and select the products by filtering the products based on the categories and features.

Enables merchants to display products using advanced imaging options.

CDN (ShopFlow):
Enhances the performance of the site and provides fast access to shopping.

Planning to migrate to SCA

If you have an existing Site Builder site, and are planning to upgrade to SuiteCommerce Advanced, you will need to perform the following tasks:

Prepare your Items:
You can either use the same custom fields from Site Builder in SCA, or create new custom fields according to your requirement. Since SCA is an advanced platform, you can organize Item Records and Item options as per your need to allow users to access products with ease.

Prepare your Images:
Display images using the advanced imaging options — CDN caching and Image resizing. Provide naming convention to the images basing on Item Name and Options.

Setup your Navigation/Search Criteria:
Set the Fields, Search Criteria, etc. to provide high flexibility and easy item search to users.

Look and Feel:
Employing UX and UI techniques provide modern designs to your web store that facilitates rich shopping experience to the users. Also, consider the compatibility for different devices during design process.

Web Content:
Try renew your existing content, and provide required and accurate content on Content Delivery Pages.

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