SmartCharts—an easy means to interpret data

Imagine you need to evaluate your company’s sales over a time, what would you do? The evaluation process using conventional methods might be a tedious and time-consuming job.

Tvarana’s SmartCharts app reduces your burden by representing data graphically through charts that enable you to easily interpret the data. Using SmartCharts, you can not only obtain graphical information for saved search results, but also instantly track sales and purchases data over a selected date range with high accuracy. All you need to do is select the criteria, and you can view the charts with a click – it’s just that easy!

SmartCharts V3

SmartCharts V3 is the latest version, and you can experience a remarkable improvement in performance with unique features that differentiate this app from its previous versions.

The features of this app are listed below:


The latest version of SmartCharts is designed using Advanced Graphical Interface, which provides appealing graphical representations to the viewers, and facilitates in fetching the information without any mess.

Data control:

This new version can handle a large amount of data, and there is no data congestion as in case of previous versions. Also, zooming option facilitates you to zoom in and view information accurately.


The app responds to actions done on the charts. For example, when you hover onto the chart, it presents an accurate value of the data at that point. Such interactive features facilitate you to access (or) view the information with ease.

Possessing such effective features, SmartCharts stands as the best solution to instantly track the sales and purchase information accurately.