Being a Netsuite user, you are working with one of the top 10 ERP providers in the world. Over time, Netsuite has brought out CRM and e-commerce enhancements to its master suite making it an even more lucrative option to use. However, this means that your business needs to spend more money and resources in building storage space and support systems.

Skydoc, a file and document management solution for Netsuite users connects into Amazon cloud from NetSuite using APIs in both applications. This helps users leverage NetSuite for business process automation, and Amazon for inexpensive data storage. Users can view/upload/delete files to Amazon as easily as to NetSuite. (Read more about SkyDoc)


Skydoc extends Netsuite’s utility with Amazon S3

Upload multiple files :

With Skydoc you can upload more than one file with folders to manage them, effortlessly. With the click of the upload button or simply drag and drop multiple files into the Netsuite and files get uploaded automatically.

No upload cost :

With Skydoc, you can not only store, organize and manage files at the fraction of the cost but also, avoid extra cost to upload additional files into your user account.

No additional hardware & scalable :

With Skydoc, you will be provided APIs for both Netsuite and Amazon interface which does not require any additional hardware and is also scalable seamlessly.

Ability to customize :

Being a native Salesforce App all the standard functionality like chatter, reporting, Custom Fields, workflows and approvals, roles and profiles for file access can be used for DocuVault. This is not possible with Salesforce Attachments.

No file size limits :

While Netsuite restricts with file sizes, Skydoc eliminates that limitation. Your single file can be uploaded without any file size restrictions.

Migration into other systems:

Seamless migration is a part of this application. As Netsuite partners, we also ensure that your files and documents and stored without any loss into Amazon S3.

Skydoc is a customized tool built to manage files, folder, documents and database for Netsuite users with unrestricted file size, seamless folder and document management and at a very affordable price.

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