For each App, learn how to get started, manage your subscription or watch video tutorials.

Bulk Email Invoices

Getting Started

  1. What is Bulk Email invoices?
  2. How long does Bulk email Invoices take to Implement?
  3. Bulk Email Invoices and NetSuite Consolidated Invoices

Vendor Statement

Getting Started

  1. What is Vendor Statement?
  2. How long does Vendor Statement take to Implement?

Inventory Count

Getting Started

  1. What is Inventory Count?
  2. How long does Inventory Count take to Implement?

Manage My Subscriptions

  1. Bulk Email Invoices User Manual
  2. Bulk Email Invoices Upgrades
  3. Best Practices
  4. New Hire Training Guidelines

Manage My Subscription

  1. Vendor Statement User Manual
  2. Vendor Statement Upgrades
  3. Best Practices
  4. New Hire Training Guidelines

Manage My Subscription

  1. Inventory Count User Manual
  2. Inventory Count Upgrades
  3. Best Practices
  4. New Hire Training Guidelines


  1. How to Set Up AWS
  2. Drag and Drop
  3. Version Control
  4. Categories
  5. Create Categories
  6. Move/Copy Files
  7. SkyDoc Folders
  8. Create Folders
  9. Upload a Document to a Folder
  10. Give Portal Access to Folders
  11. SkyDoc Portal
  12. Give SkyDoc Portal Access
  13. Send a Document for Approval Through SkyDoc Portal
  14. CheckOut
  15. Add Note
  16. Attach Files
  17. Send SkyDoc Files Through Messages
  18. SkyDoc Gallery
  19. Preview Files
  20. View Files
  21. Download Files
  22. Making Files Public
  23. Making all Files in a Folder Public
  24. Accessing SkyDoc Files in a Saved Search

  1. How to Set Up Bulk Email Invoices
  2. Email Open Credit Invoice
  3. Open Credit Memo
  4. Send as Muli-Attach
  5. Include Customer Statement
  6. Excluded Invoices
  7. Select Email templates
  8. Automate sending of emails

  1. Generate a statement during a particular time period
  2. Choice of email templates
  3. Filter by vendor category
  4. Filter by zero-balance transactions
  5. Filter by open transactions
  6. Choose to exclude aging balance from statement
  7. Multiple recipients (up to 10) for a statement
  8. Choose currencies to display in statement
  9. Works on NetSuite OneWorld
  10. Process up to 25 statements in one batch

  1. Item Configuration
  2. Turn On/Off the Item
  3. Schedule next count date
  4. Count Interval Feature to update Next count date periodically
  5. Item Worksheets( Bin / Non Bin)
  6. Option to filter Items based on Location/ Bin/ Item Name on worksheet
  7. Saved CSV import to import updated worksheet
  8. Item Scanning using scanner
  9. Interface to monitor the imported or scanned item quantity variance
  10. Interface to control items for which Inventory Adjustment needs to be created
  11. Feature to view the Processed or Failed records
  12. Analytics to track counted items