With lead generation and need for loyalty programmes being the primary problem for your many marketing departments, email marketing is a very promising choice. With more data to handle, you would experience the increase in mutual responsibility to deliver timely communication between the technology and marketing teams. To avoid the anxiety of coordination, delivery process and results, automation is the answer.

At Tvarana, our Netsuite team resolved a similar problem statement with an online retail / e-commerce business. While they thrived in driving a consumer-centric business, they had to repeat online visitor experience consistently. Maintaining consistency for the newer visitors turned out to be a challenge.


Email automation using Netsuite for e-commerce business

The Netsuite e-commerce department at Tvarana specializes in supporting e-commerce and online retail businesses with inventory management, accounting systems, marketing workflows and online shopping workflows. We worked on the problem statement of the customer with a solution mentioned below.


Customer engagement

Our solution helped with customer engagement by implementing full fledged email schedules for fresh sign up’s as well as abandoned carts.

a. Configured Schedules for

We identified with mutual consensus of our customer that there is a need to engage with every new online visitor to buy their mindshare. We set out a schedule of staggered emails with different content at different intervals from day-1 to day-21, which further helps the visitor to stay acquainted with the brand. These schedules help in achieving customer engagement with those who seek high interest in their products.

b. Abandoned Carts

We created a framework to email customers who have abandoned carts. This involved creation of a different schedule to optimize and bring back abandonment into conversions. This further resulted in increased website traffic and sales.

Technology adopted

For this solution, we took the best different technologies vis-a-vis Netsuite Suite Script, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Automation has been achieved by creating exclusive suite script for this functionality.

Mapping Visitor journey

The new online visitor journey was mapped to achieve their marketing objectives of higher conversion and minimal use of human resources in implementing this task. Since this was critical for the business, the resource had to repeat consistency which was difficult with increasing traffic. In high competition area of women’s apparel, speed with automation was a high necessity.

Netsuite implementation

Netsuite as an e-commerce solution was used to capture visitor information for lead nurturing. Email campaign management with automation and reporting was included. Email scheduling and repetition was also imparted in this solution.


This project is a part of Tvarana’s Netsuite e-commerce implementation services. We have been excited about the smaller fixes of the larger suite. Should you have questions about Netsuite e-commerce implementation or any such similar solutions, schedule a demo with our team today.