With PortalsPro you can…

Manage vendors, customers and employees on one platform

  • NetSuite users can submit invoices, initiate payments, resolve disputes, and engage and communicate with their teams

  • Employees can log in, review and edit their profiles, enter expenses, apply for and approve leaves, and check holiday calendars

  • Vendors and contractors can be quickly onboarded while maintaining necessary compliance

  • Customers can save on time with the convenient e-payment feature and review previous transactions


  • Use AI-powered OCR to enter invoice details into NetSuite and eliminate the need for manual entry
  • This technology, developed by Rossum, pulls details from vendor bills and sends them to NetSuite, where a record is created
  • Intelligent OCR technology learns as it processes different document layouts, requiring no set rules or templates to accurately extract data
  • AI OCR automates up to 98% of tasks that were previously done manually


With an integrated document management solution, SkyDoc, PortalsPro allows for easy collaboration with users outside of the NetSuite ecosystem, secure sharing of data, files and folders. 

PortalsPro Upgrade List

2022.1 Features
  • Create vendor bills from email captures using OCR

  • Update vendor address, contact and personal information from the Vendor Portal
  • Update vendor bank details/EFT bank details from Vendor Portal
2022.2 Features
  • Configure response types on Onboarding Questionnaires - Contact/Address/Free-form text/File
  • Vendor record attributes (email/contact/phone number) now update automatically on approval of onboarding
  • Onboarding now supports multi-stage approval
  • Onboarding or profile change requests can now be approve directly via email

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